Thursday, 24 November 2011

catch dreams

break the routine

Sunday, 20 November 2011

another trip to melbourne!
this was right before my Tibet trip
full team, after being apart for a quite while
don't just do something,
stand there.

i managed to go to Tibet after resigning from work
with a huge financial help from my parents.
i went with some random backpackers with different personalities.
the closest friends i brought was my bracelets that i wear all the time.
i cried from happiness during the 44 hrs train ride from Chengdu.
i made friends with two inner mongolians and we exchange home address
and they gave me a big big hug by the time we have to say goodbye :')

i felt very close to the sky

despite all that. do you know what's the worst part about this trip?
it's going back home.not knowing how to survive on my own.
and not knowing when can i have another getaway